The Hall On Dragon Wedding | Claire & Jesse

February 22, 2020

Months of anticipation, planning, dreaming–

All for it to be executed better and more beautiful than anyone would’ve ever imagined.

The Harper wedding was one of the most special weddings I will ever photograph, because it was my sister-in-love and brother-in-love’s wedding. My entire family was in the wedding, including my son and daughter as the (very fast!) ring bearer and (not-yet-walking) flower girl. I would’ve done anything for my sister Claire’s wedding vision to come to be, and that meant I got to be in the wedding while photographing it (with the help of 2 friends), as well. I got to have an inside experience of dress shopping, talking colors, details, bridal earrings and so many more intricate plans that seeing it all come together had my heart beating fast ALL.DAY.LONG.

In the best way! It was truly special. It inspired me more than ever.

But mostly, it made me so joyful for Claire and Jesse–that their wedding day was HERE. And it was PERFECT.

Oh, it was SO BEAUTIFUL!

Not only was it beautiful to the eye, but it was beautiful knowing the inside scoop on how much of a family affair it was–Claire’s cousin absolutely blessed her with the most elegant reception hall of florals. I’m still speechless, Leah! Every detail from the florals by family, the hand-lettered signs by her friend Kendall, their donut wall and hexagon arch by the father of the bride and so many more people who helped execute, problem-solve and transport behind the scenes. There were even special heirloom items that graced the details, and I loved truly knowing just how special these were.

Details like the rose bowls on the reception tables–Claire’s grandmother loved collecting rose bowls, and throughout the years, she gifted them to her daughter-in-laws. There are many in the Davenport family, and they came together to make such a lovely, heartfelt detail to the already beautiful tables-cape.

Details like Claire’s gold bracelets she wore on her wedding day were her mother’s bracelets from when she lived in Iran as a young girl.

Details like Claire and Jesse’s rings were made custom by their family jeweler.

And knowing the fun heart-felt and (1-week out) funny details of the wedding day–this made the first looks even more exciting to anticipate!

We were in Scottsdale for Claire’s bachelorette party when she decided to go for it and trick Jesse before their first look–she asked Jesse’s Best Man Ian to wear a dress and give him the best prank of his life–and it was priceless. 

Sweet Jesse was excited with anticipation, about to see his bride, when he feels a tap on his shoulder, turns around and finds Ian in a wig and dress–IT HAPPENED.

And maybe it took a bit of the edge off of their true first look–Claire and Jesse shared their first look just around the block from the Hall on Dragon where there was plenty of space, an empty, beautiful white brick wall and a bit of grass. Jesse’s smile couldn’t have been any bigger–it was PRICELESS. And what made both of their first looks perfect was that the first time he saw Claire, he was clearly overwhelmed with pure JOY. Absolute, undeniable joy.

But when his bride walked down the aisle to him, arm in arm with her father looking more beautiful than ever, it was like his joy was met with true realization of what was to come: a future and a promise. And in that moment, his joy displayed in the sweetest of tears.

Claire, my sweet sister, couldn’t have looked more beautiful walking down the aisle if she tried. It wasn’t possible.

We love these two, are on their team, prayed over them and are praying for them and had an absolute blast celebrating them as DJ Adam Morgan BROUGHT it on the dance floor–per always!

We love you Jesse and Claire! The Harpers are easy to celebrate!!







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