An Open Letter to Aubrey: On Your First Birthday

April 17, 2020


Oh, sweet Aubrey, today you turn 1.

I remember this day last year: taquitoslol

We were so anxious to meet you. We planned to wake up, take Luke to school and go in to have a scheduled C-section, but we got a phone call saying it would need to be pushed back. Already hungry from fasting (obviously), we made a Whataburger run for taquitos on our way home. Whoops.

All to our dismay, we could’ve met you sooner! But. You were meant to be born later in the day–on April 17 at 5:22 pm 🙂

And this past year has been pure sugar with you, sweet girl, my Aubby Bobby. 

You continuously make your mama melt as you’ve never lost your desire to cuddle.

You continuously make your daddy proud as your smile stretches widest when he enters the room.

You continuously make your brother more and more excited for the friend that you’re daily growing into being.

You are JOY.

This past year with you in our family has been…fast. But looking back at it as a whole, the words, “fun”, “chill”, and “giggle” come to mind–deep, I know! 😉

Aubrey fits into our family so beautifully–she’s as chill and content as she needs to be when brother is busy, busy, busy. But she’s far from over-looked. Simultaneously, she’s growing into such an eager follower of all of brothers’s adventures, making her presence known by her new, shriek yells. She wants to be with him; she wants to play with his toys; she wants to “wrestle” the way he is; and by golly, lately–she wants to melt into his arms and hug him.

Over and over. On repeat–she opens her arms out wide and wants to hug her brother tightly. Even sometimes, there’s an audible, “mmmm” from her when she does.

And she loves us all this way which is truly joy-meets-love at it’s truest form.

We are so lucky to know her, watch who she’s becoming, witness her cautious-adventurous side, hear her giggles often and see her scrunched-nose-smile more often than a frown.

-Girlfriend has 4 teeth on top, 2 middle teeth on bottom–though, as I’m typing this, she may be cutting another on top (as evidenced by a couple nights of Motrin recently).

-She jibber-jabbers with her jargon back and forth like she knows absolutely what she’s saying and needing.

-She actually enjoys 85% of Luke’s wrestling with her (and he’s so sweet to understand and learn how sister wrestles and what her limits are).

-She is crawling quickly, climbing everything and walking by pushing anything that will scoot (mama likes a cautious, patient girl who’s ready to walk in her time).

-She has always been a fine-motor-girl. She loves to focus in on little items, pick them up, feed herself, etc.

-Girlfriend loves her some food. Anything. Put it on her tray, she’ll pick it up, and it’ll get in her belly. 😉

-She’s 80% chill with 20% sass, and I’m here for it. Brother needs that latter 20% of it, and I’m so curious how this will play out in the years to come hahaha.

-She’s the easiest to put down for naps and bedtime, anywhere, anytime, all the time. Girlfriend likes her rest. And mom and dad said, “AMEN”.

-Aubs most common word is “Dada”, though, her first consistent word was actually “Graycie” (of course sounded like “da-duh”).

-She’ll clap, blow kisses, wave, sign “more” and point.

Aubrey, we hope that you feel and know how loved you are by your whole family. We love how you seem to just go with the flow yet simultaneously live life vivaciously. One of my prayers for you has been for you to know who you are in Christ and feel confident in that. You truly seem to go about your way with confidence, joy and a little ounce of fire. We truly can’t express what a gift you are to us. Don’t ever lose your joy, your confidence, your laughter, your curiosity, your caution or your identity in Christ, whom we pray you know one day.

Love you, sweet girl!

Here is a walk down memory lane + some of the 1-year photos I took of Aubrey at the Lumen Room with her brother Luke (3 years 4 months):

And if you want to watch a behind-the-scenes video of me explaining how I photographed their portraits at the Lumen Room, catch this YouTube video here! 

AUBS, you’re such a gift!!!


Aubs LOVES her “Popo”! She cuddles it, and it soothes her like a paci!

And I loved getting to capture candids of Luke 100% in his element–playing with cars! I equally loved capturing Aubrey playing with them, as well, because she’s so interested in them, because of her big bro! I talk a little about this in the BTS YouTube video! 



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