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May 4, 2020

Alright, truth be told, I’ve had a hard time starting this blog post, because I’m not sure where to start or how to share it. To most of you, this won’t seem like a big deal, but for me, I have had so many feels about what I’m about to share.

Going for it: we bought ANOTHER fixer upper a couple weeks ago (on Aubrey’s birthday actually). Well, it’s not quite a “fixer upper” like our first home, but it needed updating, which we loved with it’s beautiful bones!

When Jordan and I bought our first fixer upper, we were right out of school, and we had little money. We needed a MAJOR fixer upper. And we got that! We had no idea that what we actually needed was a beautiful home to bring our two babies into, a neighborhood with the best community and an incredible creek/walking path behind us that helped my transition from small-town to big-city feel doable. We thought, “let’s buy here; we’ll fix up and buy again“.


Yes, but we had no idea what a blessing this first home would be to us in more ways than one. We were able to turn a pretty profit off of it, because of many long days and nights of Jordan’s fingerprints, sweat and creativity. But in hindsight and all of that aside–man, people are who make the home. We have/had the best neighbors, and we will pray that those relationships continue to grow as our littles continue to grow up together.  I had no idea I would need those moms (and families, really) to lean on in my first few years as a mother when the sanity was running low. But God sure did. He placed us in this beautiful home for us that shaped us, grew us, supported us and nurtured us.

This Georgetown home will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Sorry for getting so deep. But man, if you know, you know. I will never look at someone moving from the home they renovated, brought kids into and lived life in the same, because it has been a huge thing to swallow envisioning us leaving. And while much prayer and discernment went into the decision to move, sometimes it just doesn’t seem logical for the good, the comfort, the support that was in front of us.

But sometimes I don’t know that the decisions are always logical.

The fine details that fell into place leading up to our purchase and afterward are what kept us moving forward, brought us peace and now give us hope for what’s to come as we raise our family in a new home and a new neighborhood–though in the same city we LOVE. So I know I shouldn’t be so dramatic about us moving when it’s only 10 minutes down the street! I am just so grateful for our first home and what it meant to us!

The backstory of our new home is that I saw it online several months back. It was in the neighborhood I used to work in as an SLP which is where we have family with cousins our kids’ age. I was in awe of the natural light of this home–specifically the living room windows. Drooling. I hadn’t seen another house like this in Richardson, and we are so happily committed to this sweet city. I didn’t really imagine we could make it work, and we weren’t looking seriously, so we didn’t actually know what we could make work. I showed Jordan, and he brushed it off. It went off the market.

Months went by, and I saw it come on the market again. I showed Jordan, and he agreed to go see it on a Sunday basically just to “scratch that itch“.  Very unenthused.  Side note: we are people who LOVE houses that need updating. We both seem to align when it comes to making decisions and seeing homes with “good bones”, so when we walked through this one, we had major heart eyes–fast. 

So much potential.

We saw it on Sunday, (you should note that this was the Sunday where large gatherings started being cancelled for COVID-19), brought Jordans parents + our realtor who happens to be our Aunt and became more serious talking about a plan. Our prayer was that the Lord would show us an obvious YES or obvious NO. We decluttered our house in a couple days, listed it and had offers with letters the next day from the sweetest families. All of this happened in a week’s time.

Many bold YESes. Fast. From the future owners of this home to the sellers of our new one, the specific layout and opportunities and timing of it all–yeses.

Many TEARS (they still come lol)

Many questions from me, but I also saw logically before me that this was all happening. And we had some very specific prayers that were continually being answered.

Over and over.

What’s ahead is GOOD. What’s behind is GOOD. A house is a house, but it’s the people who make it a HOME. The memories won’t be any sweeter in out-dated walls versus up-dated walls. This realization has brought me much peace as we move forward, and I acknowledge this. My people? They’re coming with me. The memories? (Thankfully, I have PICTURES!!!) They’ll continue to be made. The house may have a different layout, but our prayer over it, our intentions in it and our memories inside of it will be the same there as they would be on Georgetown. We feel blessed to have a bit more space to host, to make memories and even to expand LDP in creative ways–that I’ll share soon!

With that being said, I’ll share bits and pieces of the renovation along the way. We are 2 weeks in and 2 weeks out from moving. (Yes, pure craziness) You know Jordan and I bond and LOVE doing this. He’s truly so talented. While I like to say that I’m the designer, and he’s the contractor–truth be told, he’s got a good, creative eye, and I love bouncing ideas off of him!

Yes, we are those crazies who enjoy the renovation world, but you can bet what we enjoy most is the people we make the memz with inside those homes. We will miss Georgetown so much (no, really, like–the emotions are real), but we are ready to put our little Davenport-touch on the next Davenport Home!

**You can go back in time and see how our first home was transformed here (and thankfully, we don’t feel the need for our new home to have walls taken down!), kitchen reno here and master bathroom here.

THESE PHOTOS: I still cry over them. Thank you so much Sami Kathryn Photography for capturing the rooms in our home that we renovated and have the most memories with our loved ones in as well as the creek behind our house. I think it’s a gift that there happened to be wildflowers at this time! 

*edited by me

Our sweet home


This creek behind the house has so many memories for us!


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