The Knotting Hill Place Wedding | Lauren + Trevor

August 18, 2020

Oh, goodness gracious. These gorgeous people.

Mr. and Mrs. Mabery, y’all! Their wedding day was an elegant DREAM!

Calling it a “celebration” feels like an understatement.

Lauren and Trevor were absolutely CELEBRATED; they were absolutely LOVED; they were absolutely GORGEOUS together as husband and wife. Seeing the way their wedding party cared for them and was genuinely so stinking excited for them–fueled so much of my joy for getting to document this day for them. Over and over again it proved what fun, genuine and caring people they were themselves to be so loved by friends and family in return.

This couple is just as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside, and I’m hear to shout it to the rooftops!

I’m so happy for them that August 8th, 2020 will forever be one of the very best days of their lives. It was such a joy to be a part of! And it was such a joy to witness what a special role their little girl, Millie Pate, played in their wedding day. This little girl is about the cutest thing you’ll ever see, and she couldn’t have been any more perfect than she was–striking the cutest poses during the ceremony, joining mom and dad during vows and, of course, hands raised high on the dance floor and anytime the wedding party cheered her on.

This little girl is LOVED. It’s like she has several aunts and uncles who love her dearly, aside from the loving family she already has! To see how tight-knit this entire wedding party was–was a treat. Lauren said just that–their wedding party was basically family to them, and I completely understand that. What a blessing that is!

In addition to so many loved ones creating an atmosphere of sheer joy, Lauren’s vision with Sarah from Sistered States was an elegant DREAM.

Sparkle. Pinks. Glam.

Give me all the lush pink florals and sparkle everywhere! Lauren made the most beautiful bride with her stunning and sparkly robe, dress, veil, shoes, ring–you name it.

Although, it’d be incredibly hard to choose a favorite moment of the day, I’d have to say that either witnessing Millie Pate fill her sweet role during the ceremony or experiencing the smoke fill the dance floor during Lauren and Trevor’s first dance were definitely UP there! But to be honest, there were so many moments throughout the day that had me beaming–so happy for the couple, so loving being a part of such a fun, smooth, easy day and so happy for Millie Pate that she’s got two parents with beautiful hearts of gold who couldn’t love her any more.

What an incredible day! Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Mabery!!



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