Love You A Brunch | 2016 Wedding Couples

November 8, 2016

This post has me smiling for all sorts of reasons! A fall-themed brunch with several of our 2016 couples who we love? That’s enough reason right there!!

Rewind a couple months ago when I initially had the idea and desire to host a brunch for our past 2016. I knew Jordan would think I was crazy (because I wanted to host it at our house that we’re still fixing up), so I gently suggested the idea and told him it was something for us to think about but that I really wanted to do this. I pitched the idea to my friend Kate, of The Everyday Hostess, who is a master at party planning, and when she responded so positively and was already sending me ideas from Pinterest, I felt like it was meant to be. As for the communication in our marriage….

Well, I promised Jordan that I’d start early and have it all covered. AND that our house did not have to be perfect, because perfect is boring, and we’ve put so much love into our house so that we CAN host people we love! 

So, when all of this came to be, my heart was just exploding for all of these reasons:

Hosting couples who are very special to us, baking my my little heart out, enjoying all things fall, plaid and pumpkins and doing it with Jordan. 

Kate’s vision and plans were far better than I could’ve imagined. I told her I wanted a fall-themed brunch with a mimosa bar, waffle bar and quiches. She took that and made what you’re about to see extra lovely! 

Our “We Love You A Brunch” themed get together was more fun than I could’ve imagined, and it made my heart even happier when couples recognized each other from my blog, discovered small world ties and got to know one another, as well. At one point, we all came together in one big pow wow around a table and continued talking, laughing, learning more about one another and sharing how they all found/met me! 

Gosh, but mostly, it was so fun to see all of these couples again. You have no idea, but by the end of your wedding day, we’ve experienced so much excitement, sentiment and joy, planned over multiple consultations and exchanged so many emails that I feel like I’ve known you forever! It made my heart happy to see everyone just laughing, relaxing and having a good time as newlyweds.  

And of course, we had to get a family picture (thanks Tucker!), so naturally, Jordan cued everyone to share phrases of what I would tell groups to do! Ha! So….yeah. There’s that! Hilarious, y’all! 🙂 

A huge thank you to Jordan who served me well these past few days when things were a bit busy around here, to Hayden who made the wine holder gifts for everyone, and Kate who, once again, styled an incredible party. All of our vendors made this brunch extra special! 

Love you all a waffle lot! 😉 My heart is full, and you allowed this little dream of mine come true in our perfectly imperfect home on such a lovely fall day. 

We truly missed the other 2016 couples who were traveling or afar–know that you’re loved, and we hope to hug your necks soon! 


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