Marriage Mondays | I, I, I Work Ooouuuutttt

May 29, 2017

We’re taking a little different approach with our Marriage Mondays today, and I’m counting on YOU guys to help us out! It’s going to be interactive where you contribute the ways you and your love workout together, and I will edit to ADD these with your name at the end of the week. Check back and learn from many others like you to find new ways to work out together and feel good together.

As I’ve said before, I’m such a fan of shared experiences—especially new ones. Because after you’ve been married or dating a year, the number of “firsts” drastically dwindles. You’ve celebrated your first Christmas, Valentines and anniversary together (if you celebrate dating anniversaries). I can remember being excited about all of these firsts when I was new to dating Jordan. They’re fun!

It can be a challenge to think of and pursue new travels, new restaurants, new movies–new shared experiences, like workouts.

Today we’re going to share different ways you and your love can get some exercise together. Because whenever Jordan and I are in a season of working out together, we really do feel closer to one another. You feel good about yourself, feel connected to your partner and feel accomplished. Did you catch me when I said “seasons”?

When Jordan and I were in graduate school, we went through a season where we’d head to the Activity Center whenever we were both done at night. We’d start off jogging however many laps around the indoor track together and then split up to do our respected activities—lifting in very different ways. 🙂 We both agree that we felt more motivated in other areas of our lives, because we had this set in place most every night of the week.

Today that looks differently for us: we go on walk/jogs with Luke in his stroller when Jordan is home and haven’t ventured too much further from there, creative-wise, so I’m eager to hear from many of you!

To start, I’ve polled a few of my couple-friends who do an excellent job of coming up with ways to spend time together while working out (even some ideas with babies)—because there are so many creative ways! So find a few that work well for you, and enjoy this time together.

Thanks for contributing and happy sweating, friends! 😉

1.     Pick up games of basketball or volleyball—Jordan and I did this with friends in college, and it was the BEST workout!

2.     Bicycling or walking/jogging around White Rock Lake in Dallas (it’s on my bucket list!)

3.     Jordan and I have loved to golf together—he walks or rides, and I’ll usually walk the majority of it for exercise, sun and enjoying the scenery–I’m such a nature girl 🙂

4.     Playing a pick up game of tennis—Justin & Alyssa Black (soon to be on July 8! 😉 )

5.     Jogging Katy Trail in Dallas—Justin & Alyssa Black

6.     Yard work! One can mow the lawn while the other edges & weed eats—Sam & Meg Donica

7.     While on a walk/run together, listen to a podcast that interests both—good workout and creates conversation—Sam & Meg Donica

8.     If one person is a runner and the other is not, the other can bike during the other’s run. Sam would do this while Meg was training for her half marathon—Sam & Meg Donica

9.     During runs, take breaks to do an exercise of each person’s choice (push ups, lunges) & make intervals out of running and those exercises—Sam & Meg Donica

10. Crossfit which is fast-paced and allows for one to encourage the other while they hold their baby & take turns—Derek & Jamie Montoya

11. Jogging with a baby stroller & dogs—Derek & Jamie Montoya

12. & beyond will be added by the end of the week! Thanks for your contributions!

Now we can’t wait to hear more creative ways to workout together from you!

  1. Donald Dungan says:

    Thank you for your ideas. They feel invigorating!


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