Davenports Do Quarantine: Day 1 In Photos

March 31, 2020

Well, for a long time, I’ve had the desire to to convince all parents that they’re capable of photographing their families’ candid, most precious moments at home through allowing them to see how I do it.

Very candidly, mind you.

So here I come with TIME, the DESIRE, the EXPLANATION and some cute, cute photos! Oh, and bad quality iPhone video coverage–haha! Don’t judge. 🙂

Done is better than perfect.

So here comes a little insight to my home, my family and the way I photograph my favorite family moments–in A MINI DAILY YOUTUBE SERIES.

Cue: Davenports Do Quarantine: A Mini Video Series!  

This time that we’re in is so weird. So unique. So–many other descriptors. It’s also INTENTIONAL. My husband is an ICU nurse, I’m taking care of 2 littles at home, and I’m trying to keep my photography business afloat while managing the emotions that come with it all. But meanwhile, sandwiched in between are the sweet, candid memories that I truly believe I’m going to want to remember on the other side.

–the multiple opportunities to get out the play dough, the bottle-feeding with kiddo cuddles in the morning, the outdoor chalk-play, the stories read, the meals made, the time spent. We either have MORE time or seemingly LESS time, but nonetheless, picking up your camera and taking pictures of this intentional time is worth it.

It’s been worth it to me for SEVERAL different reasons:

  1. Photography is a creative outlet for me that brings me joy and peace
  2. I want my family photographed in this home we built before we move
  3. This time that we’re given is unique and intentional
  4. Man, I love my family

What would be YOUR reasons? Do we have any that overlap?

And which camp do you land in? 1) Nah, I could never take good pictures of my kids 2) I’m totally going to take advantage of this time and learn a new skill.

If you’re already one of the thousands of photographers in my online beginners photography course, The Capture Course, then now is a beautiful time to sharpen your skills and watch me candidly take pictures of my kids at home. If you haven’t jumped in, take advantage of my code GETCREATIVE through 4/4/2020 to get it at $50 rather than $149.

Join along as I take you along my candid journey of photographing my babies at home. In good light, bad light, indoors with overhead lights on, indoors with overhead lights off, outdoors when it’s cloudy, outdoors when it’s sunny and even at night time. I’ll show you how I justify “breaking the rules” in order to capture a moment I find beautiful.

And I hope it motivates, encourages and inspires. 

In this particular video, I share about Luke and Aubrey’s farmhouse sink bath time. We renovated our home, and I am particular fond of my kitchen, especially the farmhouse sink. We just love it for bath times, and I think it photographs so beautifully. But I’ve learned how I like photographing based on the light coming in through the window and, if sunny out, with the kitchen lights OFF (to avoid orange pictures). I explain how sometimes you may get “hazy” or not tack sharp photos when shooting with a light source directly behind your subject, and I show this in relation to the angle I photograph Luke and Aubrey.

I’m hoping to keep these videos bite-sized, 5-10 minutes, and share daily (hence the simple video production). We’ll see how many days, but in the line-up so far is 2 weeks worth of content. A glimpse inside: outdoor chalk, indoor play-dough, outdoor scootering, indoor baking, outdoor plant-watering, indoor story-time, and indoor Easter-egg dying.

Now let’s use this time wisely and have photographs to remind of us this uniquely-beautiful yet multi-difficult time!

If you post your own photos, use #LDPQuarantineChronicles and tag @lindsaydavenportphotos. I’ll be randomly selecting some people for coffees and gifts as we go!






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