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I’m staring at my blinking cursor just thinking, “do I even have the words to explain exactly how I’m feeling right now?” BAHHH!!!!!&*$$%#*#&** This brand reveal + website launch is BIG. It’s not just big to me, but it was a big undertaking. It took big planning. It took big prayers. And it took not […]

By: Rev. Michelle Manuel, Pastor of Congregational Prayer & Loft Associate & Lindsay Davenport Okay, so there’s this new thing that everyone is talking about. Well, actually it’s not new at all. It’s ancient. But people are talking about it nonstop, and it’s probably already getting on your nerves. If my co-worker posts one more […]

Author: Meg Donica, LMFT Associate Self care. If you spend any time on the internet, you’re likely familiar with the oh-so trendy term. Maybe you made it one of your New Year’s resolutions of which the new is quickly wearing off. While the term itself is thrown around rather loosely at times (hey there, #treatyoself), […]

So mmmmaaaaayyybe you’ve always been good at dating. Maybe you’ve been hit or miss or simply fallen off the bandwagon like Jordan and I did (read more about that here). Or mmmaybe you just had a baby, and you’re like, “what is life right now?! Dating? No way!” But what I’m GUESSING is your thoughts […]

By Kensi Duszynski, MA, LMFT, CPC The Brave Marriage Podcast “How do we know when we’re ready for marriage counseling?” That’s a question I get asked often as a licensed marriage and family therapist. Our upbringing and the narratives we’ve formed around counseling affect the way we understand its purpose, as well as the way we […]

Whew, okay guys, this post gets me all sorts of (good) fired up! Many of you know (or if you don’t, you will soon once The Marriage Hub launches in a couple weeks) that Jordan and I are not the best daters. Or we weren’t. Like, in college when we were newly dating, it was […]

It’s funny how differently 5 years can look–June 1, 2013 Jordan and I were celebrating our nuptials in the barn on my family’s farm, and 5 years later, Jordan was taking care of Luke and I when we were basically bed-ridden for days with a terrible stomach virus. Too many more details could be added […]

A few months ago, I started dating my husband again. Go ahead, reread that. 😉 We somehow managed to forget the importance of being intentional about dating when we had our biggest life changes: graduated college, moved states, lived with Jordan’s parents (huge blessing), bought our first home (and fixer upper) and had our sweet […]

Happy Monday! We’re kicking off our Marriage Mondays series again with a delicious and simple date night in shared by Kate from The Everyday Hostess.  I’m such a fan of everything Kate does, and this date night is definitely one you’ll want to plan soon! I mean, who doesn’t love pizza, and who doesn’t love […]

I have loved getting to know the sweet lady who’s writing today’s post, because she has been such an intentional and loving friend to me the past few months that I’ve gotten to know her! She and her husband Hai just celebrated their son Henry’s first birthday last month, and today, they’re sharing on the […]

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