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I’m completely grateful that our cousins Jacob Davenport and Camille Davenport are sharing their inspiring, difficult, joyful and hope-filled infertility and adoption process on today’s #ldpmarriagemondays post. It is real, encouraging and full of so much hope. We love our Piper and couldn’t imagine any sweeter of a little baby in their arms! She is […]

New to Dallas? Old to Dallas? I have a feeling this post is just for you! Hilary and Xavier are sharing some creative date night ideas for your next night out or day with your babe. I personally cannot WAIT to take these suggestions for future dates in Dallas! Hilary and Xavier Cinque are the […]

Yes. A million times yes to this post. Do I wish I had done this? Yes. I had the same plan as Elie: try so hard to be “present” on my wedding day, because everyone says how quickly it goes by. So why didn’t I write my feeling and memories down!? Elie, a sweet friend […]

Today we have Meagan and Sam Smith sharing on how community changed their marriage. I first met this couple a couple years ago when they were the models for my promo video, and I’ve thought they were the sweetest ever since. When I heard that Meagan worked for the marriage ministry team at Watermark Church, […]

One of my best friends Meg is a counselor, and she’s dang good at it. Not only that, but she’s a good listener. A good advice-giver. And personally, I think she’s good at everything. 🙂 I feel like I’ve learned so much from her these past few years on communication and listening, not because she […]

We’re taking a little different approach with our Marriage Mondays today, and I’m counting on YOU guys to help us out! It’s going to be interactive where you contribute the ways you and your love workout together, and I will edit to ADD these with your name at the end of the week. Check back […]

I feel lucky to have close friends who are counselors. They’re so inspirational even when they don’t know they’re being so. They’re full of all these nuggets of wisdom that are usually just so simple yet profound. I can think of a handful of my friends who are so gifted at this profession, and these […]

I think we all can humble ourselves and raise our hands to this post.  And I personally think that communicating expectations is something that you continue to learn throughout marriage. Or I at least hope so, because I’m slowly getting better at it! Jess, like you and me, can relate and share some encouragement for us […]

Have you ever cooked with your boo and discovered that it’s a really sweet time together? Or maybe you opt not to, because you have different ways of getting tasks done? Either way, I completely think that looking into something like Blue Apron or Hello Fresh is an excellent way to make time together. Jordan […]

I’m going to first start out by saying that this newlywed couple has wisdom beyond their years (or months!)! When I began planning for this Marriage Mondays series, I reached out to one of my former #ldpcouples, Ryan and Alex, because I had a little background knowledge of how they were intentional about one another’s […]

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