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And thank GOODNESS we meet again!  It took some brunch and berry champagne to make it all once! Winning! I started a fun thing last year when I hosted our 2016 couples for a fall-themed “We Love You A Brunch”, so this year, since we had weddings go all the way up until December […]

Heart melted. In a puddle.  It turns out Luke’s birthday falls during a busy time of year (not news to anyone but me!), so somehow I managed to let his 1-year pictures slip away. I wanted to spend some special time with him to capture his fun personality in a cute outfit, his overalls to […]

No.  How? I just don’t get it. Happy first birthday Luke!!!  Our Lucas Brent is somehow 1 year old. He’s no longer a baby. But yes, he is. Okay, I know there are all you moms out there who are getting this right now, and if you’re not, you will someday!   One second I’m crying […]

WELL. It sure has been a while since the blog has seen anything personal other than weddings and engagements! Which have, by the way, been absolutely amazing. And by amazing, I mean, I have left each and every one of them with my cup feeling full. Even if it started out close to empty, I […]

If I had a penny for every time someone asked, texted or emailed me: “what kind of camera should I start out with?” So this can be a difficult question to answer, but depending on which category you fall into, that will help guide my reasoning. I’m going to narrow you into these 3 categories […]

When I was in graduate school, I started this accidental photography business. It was one of the busiest times in my life, and a time I look back on with so many regrets. Graduation day for me was so bittersweet. Bittersweet because as excited as I was to graduate and dive more into photography, I […]

When I first started my photography business, it wasn’t a “business”. Heck, it wasn’t even a hobby.  At least—taking pictures of people wasn’t a hobby. To me, driving around in the country or taking pictures of new, pretty things was more my hobby. But ask me how to use my camera, and my stomach dropped. […]

We’re saying HOLA to 4 years of marriage today! June 1, 2013–hard to forget it. Although, with our birthdays back-to-back, our first Mother’s and Father’s Day close together…I think we BOTH almost did this year! We’re about partied out. I’m honestly not sure how 4 years have already gone by. It seems like we were just […]

“Oh, no, I’m not perfect!” I mean, I think most people these days could try to humbly tell you, “Oh no, I’m not perfect”, but do they really operate this way? The “perfect” blogger in me is worried what people are going to think about this post, so if I’m being honest, I’m afraid to share […]

How has one month already passed? I’ve taken a picture here and there (ha!), but it honestly hasn’t been the first thing I think of. I am just trying to be as organized and good about weekly pictures like my friend Lauren Guy Photography was with her little girl! But…I forgot week 1. Oops! So […]

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