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You know you’re photographing a photographer’s family when… -all of the kids naturally find their heads close together…and smile for the camera! -everybody is color-coordinating oh-so-perfectly..  -the outfit colors pop perfectly with the background.. -and candid moments are prevalent! This was my experience with the Alba family! I got to enjoy their presence in front of my camera […]

Inspired. It didn’t take but a few minutes of listening to Alexandra’s passion for photography to be inspired by her perspective of documenting memories for people. Her passion for pictures. Her passion for documenting the raw, natural moment. Her passion for people.  Alex attended our first photography workshop we hosted in February, and she is […]

Adventures of Pres & Jess. Of all their past adventures, I’d be willing to bet that one of the most exciting was their wedding day, the catalyst of the sweetest adventure: marriage.  Having known and fallen so easily into best friends with Jess over the past two years, I got a front row seat at […]

After culling through the Rodriguez wedding photos, I told Jordan, “Christianne’s wedding really was like a fairytale”. I can say that, because I’ve known the beautiful bride for years. I’ve dreamed about her wedding day with her, her future husband, his qualities. In hindsight, I see that Jose was the one. Jose has been the […]

Miranda and Tyrel’s wedding day seemed to ebb and flow with exactly what was needed for the most perfect of capturing! When cloud cover was needed for a little shade, they rolled in at the right time.  When soft sunlight was desired for some backlighting, the sun obliged, as well.  The weather did exactly as we […]

Christy and Keim’s engagement session is easily one of my favorite to date! Firstly, they so easily were able to be themselves during their session, showing their joy, love and sweet personalities. Secondly, I love the locations they chose! I think I have just missed green so much this winter, that I couldn’t get enough […]

“I really want to put myself out there and begin shooting more. I feel like this workshop has given me the confidence to do that!” – Alexandra “Lindsay and Jordan really personalized the workshop.  The intimidation factor was not there at all.  I felt completely at ease asking questions.” -Leila “It was so comforting to […]

I loved meeting and getting to know Gabriel and Vanessa! As we walked through Old Mesilla during the first part of their session, I felt like I really got to know their sweet and genuine love for each other. The way they interacted during our time together just left me with such a peaceful feeling. Vanessa, beautiful with […]

I love how when a bride and I meet for the first time at their engagement session, it feels like we’ve known each other for so much longer. That’s how my time with Miranda and Tyrel was! I had to remind myself when I left their session that it was actually the first time I had met them! […]

Where to begin?! The past year has full of so much bonding between this beautiful girl and myself. I consider her such a teammate in my business with her creative input, friendship, and support. Her passion of creative writing and my passion of photography just attracted us together like magnets. Our mutual relationship has become such […]

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