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Day 2! ….comin’ atcha! Video #2 is ready, and in THIS particular video, Luke is baking brownies in our badly-lit kitchen on a rainy day outside while I photograph him. I don’t use a flash. I don’t strive for perfection. *Also, I don’t strive for hygiene in this video hahaha* I simply just aim to capture […]

Well, for a long time, I’ve had the desire to to convince all parents that they’re capable of photographing their families’ candid, most precious moments at home through allowing them to see how I do it. Very candidly, mind you. So here I come with TIME, the DESIRE, the EXPLANATION and some cute, cute photos! […]

Oh, it’s no big deal, it’s just…The Creative Collaboration is LIVE! TODAY! For 10 days only! Helllooooo, Monday! You may have purchased a photography bundle several months back, and I’m here to tell you that I have more goodies for you. The Creative Collaboration is a compilation of photography guides and online courses with a […]

Yep. YEP. A few months ago, I shared about an incredible photography bundle packed full of online courses from some of the best educators out there at an insanely discounted price (like over $3k in value–all for only $98.50). If you jumped on that opportunity while it lasted THAT WEEK ONLY, then you know how […]

​Okay guys, one of my FAVORITE things to photograph is…my son. 🙂 I mean, not hiding anything there. But I ESPECIALLY love photographing him jumping in puddles, because the candidness is just SO FUN! Give a kid an action to do, and they’re SURE to photograph well.  PLUS, there’s a GREAT chance you’ll have perfect, even […]

Who wouldn’t want to save TIME and create CONSISTENT edits when using a photo editing program? LIGHTROOM was seriously made for you. And while I was already a huge fan of Lightroom over Photoshop from the very beginning, I didn’t even use presets OR the batch editing tool. (I know, go ahead and GASP). When […]

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