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Oh, it’s no big deal, it’s just…The Creative Collaboration is LIVE! TODAY! For 10 days only! Helllooooo, Monday! You may have purchased a photography bundle several months back, and I’m here to tell you that I have more goodies for you. The Creative Collaboration is a compilation of photography guides and online courses with a […]

Yep. YEP. A few months ago, I shared about an incredible photography bundle packed full of online courses from some of the best educators out there at an insanely discounted price (like over $3k in value–all for only $98.50). If you jumped on that opportunity while it lasted THAT WEEK ONLY, then you know how […]

​Okay guys, one of my FAVORITE things to photograph is…my son. 🙂 I mean, not hiding anything there. But I ESPECIALLY love photographing him jumping in puddles, because the candidness is just SO FUN! Give a kid an action to do, and they’re SURE to photograph well.  PLUS, there’s a GREAT chance you’ll have perfect, even […]

Who wouldn’t want to save TIME and create CONSISTENT edits when using a photo editing program? LIGHTROOM was seriously made for you. And while I was already a huge fan of Lightroom over Photoshop from the very beginning, I didn’t even use presets OR the batch editing tool. (I know, go ahead and GASP). When […]

After over a year of planning, months of strategizing and weeks of filming, TWO editing courses were actually created The Lightroom Editing Course & The Editing Workflow Course ARE NOW LIVE…for you! PLUS, they are both discounted for a short time through Tuesday, April 16 at midnight CST! I knew when I launched The Capture Course, that […]

As many of you know, I’m 37+ weeks pregnant and due…any minute now! But I JUST finished up my photography season before my maternity leave, and I reeeeally wanted to make sure I turned around these sessions FAST. I wanted to have time to REST afterward while we wait to meet our baby girl. And […]

Insert: college senior Lindsay. Insert college senior Lindsay who REALLY wanted to learn how to use her camera. *Take note: “college senior”. Easily translated to: low on cash. 😉 When I got the photography bug and decided I NEEDED (like HAD TO) learn how to use my camera, because I LOVED it so much, I […]

You guys. I know I’ve been sprinkling little teasers for you these past couple of weeks, but I am seriously just so giddy about what I have to offer you. And I’m giddy, because I BELIEVE that it’s amazing. (although, it literally seems like it’s too good to be true, but it’s NOT!!) The Capture […]

I’m staring at my blinking cursor just thinking, “do I even have the words to explain exactly how I’m feeling right now?” BAHHH!!!!!&*$$%#*#&** This brand reveal + website launch is BIG. It’s not just big to me, but it was a big undertaking. It took big planning. It took big prayers. And it took not […]

We have a similar yet different story for how our photography business started. We were both in school—me for graduate speech pathology school and Jordan for his second degree in nursing. It’s not like we had money laying around or anything. However, I will say because I am grateful: all four of our degrees were […]

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